Volunteer Feedback Responses

Activity Likely to recommend Reason
Boy Zone: Junior School Hall 10

Better system needed for Santa’s Grotto appointments. Consider online appointment system with times.
I volunteered for Boy Zone and Santa’s Grotto but your activity button at the top does not allow you to identify that.

Boy Zone: Junior School Hall 10

I thought the fair was very well organised and I don’t have anything to suggest could be improved upon. I think the tricky part is always just getting enough people to help out.

Boy Zone: Junior School Hall 8

It’s for a good cause but being there for the duration of the fair is a fairly high expectation.

Christmassy decoration! 10

Fairy lights (battery operated!) would be great for the Christmas trees, and some more garland for the bannisters as well as tinsel to cover large areas. But I think Liz Rome is on the case and did an excellent job organising this!

Christmassy decoration! 10

Great to meet people especially if you are new.

Fairly lights on the handrails and banisters in the Christison Hall would have been a superb addition and would really have set of the garlands wonderfully.

Christmassy decoration! 10

Hopefully Signup will be running better next year.

Christmassy decoration! 10

A great Fair and lots of fun for everyone! A brilliant event! The feedback from the decorations team included asking for LED Christmas tree lights for the Christmas trees, which hopefully we can order for future years.

Christmassy decoration! 9

Always an amazing event! And so lovely the weather cooperated. No major suggestions. Great work by all involved!

Close-down and Clean-up 10
Close-down and Clean-up 10
Close-down and Clean-up 9


Entrance Gate – Junior Sch. Huntslip Rd 10
Entrance Gate – Junior Sch. Huntslip Rd 10

Ideally, a slightly bigger float in the till: we had to keep asking for the exact money in payment. Otherwise, all went extremely smoothly.

Will definitely volunteer next year and try to encourage other parents to join in.

Entrance Gate – Lord George Playground 10

Additional signage showing
1. location of Fair and
2. Cost of admission, if possible please have correct money and “all entrance money donated to xyz charity”
Well done Helen Humphreys and all 200 volunteers

Entrance Gate – Lower School College Rd 5

fine – maybe lower the entrance price

Friends Drinks Tent 10
Friends Drinks Tent 10

Bigger cups or charge less for the mulled wine? Otherwise no complaints.

Friends Drinks Tent 10

The mulled wine was £3:50 for a very small glass compared to a large plastic cup for £1:50 at other fairs and even West Dulwich Christmas market.
As, was pointed out several times over the 2 hour shift!

Friends Raffle Desk (2017) 10
Santa Hat Stand (2017) 10

It’s such a great stand to work on. But bigger stand, more information on how it works and perhaps being next to the charity so they can help on the day would be great. I’m sure this would help in shifting more of the prizes.

Santa Hat Stand (2017) 10

More Music would be an important addition

Santa’s Grotto (2017) 10

Make sure that there is a sign outside Santa’s Grotto with the ticket price – then if parents think it is too expensive, they can steer away from it – there was some grumbling last year, so this year we did a quick sign at the beginning of the day this year for the board outside.
Maybe leave the cloak room ticket book in the cash tin right at the begginning – it was no bother this year, as we just asked and picked up half a book from the raffle stand, but maybe just stick one in the float tin so it is ready to go.
Also, maybe attach a notice to each tin reminding to ask about the password – I forgot to pass it on, so phoned the team that i had passed onto and told them – if there is a notice on the tin then those coming in are more likely to ask what the password is when they see the note.
I think it went well. The only other thing I wanted to mention, as a parent, I was a bit worried at the prospect of coming across a lost child – perhaps the lost child room could be ‘manned’ next year – I understand with safeguarding issues, this could be tricky – what about appealing to teachers and perhaps parents who are teachers (and thus DBS cleared)? My husband, who is a teacher couldn’t come to the fair as he was busy doing school reports – he could have easily ‘manned’ the room and done his reports at the same time. Anyway – not sure how practical my suggestion is, but just a thought.

Congratulations to everyone for pulling off such a lovely event, and especially well done to those who worked so tirelessly, not just on the day but also leading up to it.

Santa’s Grotto (2017) 8
Saturday Set-up 10


Zone Monitors – Art & DT Courtyard 10

The boys who helped carrying items in for the vendors did a tremendous job however I think a few more would ensure a quicker turnaround with the parking.

Zone Monitors – Christison Hall 10

There should be an indoor or warm and sheltered area to sit down where babies can be fed. One poor mum sat on the stone stairs going up to the first floor above the Christison Hall to feed her baby. Baby changing also difficult and restricted.
Probably only 2 volunteers for the Christison Hall needed.
Great work, planning team – you’re incredible!
Luciann (Y11).

Zone Monitors – Christison Hall 10

The hall was so sunny and a bit bright and hot. Not sure there’s much you can do about it. And it didn’t work having stalls on the corridor upstairs as it created major congestion. The boys did a fantastic job and made a huge difference- much happier smallholders which made my job much easier!

Zone Monitors – Christison Hall 10

Some of the stallholders upstairs in the Christison Hall were concerned that they were missing out on potential custom as they were “out of sight” upstairs. A Zone monitor stood by the stairs to advise visitors that there were more stalls upstairs but maybe next year there could be more signage to this effect. It’s possible that fewer people got up there, particularly if they had pushchairs with them, and we had a couple of visitors with disabilities asking whether there was lift access. I have to say that it seemed pretty busy when I went upstairs around lunchtime but a couple of stallholders commented on seeing fewer visitors.

From a personal point of view, I thought the layout this year seemed more spacious than in previous years and I don’t know if it was my imagination but there seemed to be a greater variety of stalls. Anyway, well done to everyone involved in its organisation. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Zone Monitors – Christison Hall 9

Signpost vendor stalls, especially in Christison Hall. Vendors on the top floor were complaining that they weren’t getting adequate footfall. Brief facilities staff to maintain the loos with more regularity. Use bigger signage.

Zone Monitors – Christison Hall 8
Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 10

Very well organised. Great location.
1.No need for Christianson Hall or marquee volunteers to attend 10.00 briefing as people in place already.
2. They may already be in pack just not seen!
Notes on car collection after event would be useful. Ie timing. Where when we’re questions stall holders asked before end of day.
3.Lost property- who to ask? Possiblely leave with Lost child office or zone monitors if in a zone.
4.Larger signs and arrows for hall marquee and boy zone. -lots of people asking Zone monitors at marquee

5.Great venue site but some boys disappointed Rugby so far from food and activities.
6. Useful to know where a broom and dust pan and brush kept

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 10

It was great fun. Could have got by with 3 of us rather than 4 – although the company was nice!

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 10

Make sure the heater is not behind the stilton stand! xx

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 10
Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 10

Some of vendor stalls were old fashioned/dowdy. It would be good to get some more modern vendors in, whether clothing or homeware. As it is a Christmas Fair would be good to see more Christmassy stands.

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 9

To have someone visible at the entrance to connect with – helpful if you can’t find who you’re supposed to swap over with or weren’t able to get to the briefing.

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 9

1.The ground floor marquee didn’t present us with this problem this year, but I know
in other years really clear signage is needed to tell people with buggies where they
can and can’t take them.
2. Generally, maybe additional sandbags need making/buying. Our Xmas trees were
blowing over.
3. Also – maybe some generic blackboards (self standing ‘sandwich board’ type) so
any additional info can be added on the day.
Alternatively – make sure we have access to a computer and printer so
additional signage can be quickly made. I had a stallholder complaining that
it wasn’t clear enough that there were more stalls up the stairs in the Christison
Hall, and access to a computer and printer could have solved the problem.
Generally though it was great. You asked – so just giving observations.

Zone Monitors – Christmas Fair Marquee 8
Zone Monitors – Street Food Market 10

One of the stalls took a pitch next to the one they were assigned. We managed to sort it out without moving her but next year it might be worth asking monitors to check that stalls are being set up in exactly the right place.

Zone Monitors – Street Food Market 10

I loved the fair being condensed to one end of the College.

It was also a great idea to open the gates at 7.30am for the food market stall holders but, when the gates opened, anyone who was in the queue was let in, and the actual food market stall holders didn’t get any real priority and there was still a lot of congestion. Maybe the food market stall holders could use the main entrance between 7.30am and 8pm to gain priority and start setting up? After 8pm, everyone should use the College Road entrance, even late arriving food market stall holders.

The arrival and drop off system was also very good, although at the height of everyone arriving, there was a lot of congestion and a lot of anxious stall holders who thought they would not have enough time to set up. In the end, everyone did have enough time and there was a real sense of calm about 15 minutes before the fair opened but, perhaps, if all the stall holders had specific arrival blocks of time (i.e. 8am-8.30am, 8.30am-9am etc.) and they were told that they could not gain entry before their arrival time, then that may ease congestion?

Again, to just calm nerves, it is probably worth having a monitor on College Road to explain why there is a queue and reassure stall holders that they will get in on time? If there is a staggered entrance, these monitors could also ensure cars are queueing in the right place?

Finally, when cars arrive, I think they only need to tell the stewards one of three things – I’m street food, in the marquee or in the main hall? The holders were telling the stewards their specific table locations and the stewards were trying to find everyone on the maps, before letting them in…and that was taking ages.

I hope this helps?

Zones/ leaflets 8

The sign up web app for zone monitors was a bit odd- could not seem to get back in to check what and where I was. Luckily had made a note in calendar of when but I may not have been in right place. Am email reminder would help.