Mentioned “raffle” in their application

Trading Name email Application Status Raffle?
ElephantPM Limited Under review


test Submitted


Vishana Ltd Duplicate - please ignore

We have been doing charity fairs and school fairs since 2002 and have remained amongst the top exhibitors in terms of standard of product and money taken since then. We exhibit at most of the high end charity and school fairs in London and are experienced exhibitors so have empathy with other stall holders and organisers! Try to be cheerful and helpful where needed.
Our products are great for Christmas presents and go down really well and as we have not been to Dulwich School before believe we have something fresh to add to the mix.
I have put down average selling price as between £20 and £50 which relates to the Scottish end of our product range but we do sell higher end goods as well re our cashmere stoles, vintage fur trims and velvet and silk coats.

Aurialis and Illumens Submitted

We've been regular stall holders at similar events for years and are fully experienced and well known on the Charity Fair circuit. We're popular - nearly 40% of our business is repeat custom, and we always make sure that there's something new every year. I'd be delighted to answer any of your questions in person, or send images of stalls at previous events. Submitted

Please could I be in the main hall

Bansheeplum Ceramics Submitted

Not next to the cheese please! Thank you

Samantha Barnes Artist Submitted

I really want to take part in this year's show, I have applied for the past few years and sadly haven't been selected. Lots of my clients will come and I promise to make the very most of marketing and promoting the show to my email list and those that collect my work.

Thank you.

The Edit Boutique Submitted

I am more than happy to donate a raffle voucher (value £120) for a 1-2-1 colour and style consultation.
Our stall has been mobbed in the past 2 years with returning customers last year looking for our hats, slipper socks and quirky Christmas tree decorations which now have a following at your event. Our prices make us competitive and our stall is colourful and interesting. Whilst we have some knitwear (cashmere/wool) at the £50 price point, most of our other goods are under £20. The leather with star necklaces are completely unique to the UK and our slipper socks are increasingly popular (£8) are the perfect stocking filler for all the family.

Fabulous Fudge Submitted

Same pitch as last year in the marquee please.

Imagethirst Photography Submitted

Imagethirst are proud to be the Official Photographers of the Portland Hospital.

Ssolo London Submitted

Please could I have the same spot as last year even if I can’t get electricity as it was great for me .

Bodyenrich Submitted

Yes would offer one of our products in the auction/raffle. Thanks.

True Linen Submitted

Same position as last year if possible.
Much appreciated, Laima, True Linen

Wendy Warren Jewellery and Accessories Submitted

I will accept a small stay if medium stalls are not available.

Imogen Man Artist Submitted

I'd probably choose the large stand space indoor but previously have taken a medium so if it helps I can take a medium again if you're pushed for spaces.

Tropic Skincare Submitted

We are happy to offer a raffle prize.

Charlotte Stockley Ceramics Submitted

Hello, I have a lot of heavy crates of ceramics so if I am successful it would be really helpful please if I was nearer the parking and not up to many steps, although I do have a trolley! I did try and look at the map but I couldn't get back to the application form and then retyped it all. Thanks very much. Charlotte P.S. Always happy to offer a raffle prize.

Silverpetals Submitted

I have done Dulwich Colledge Xmas fair for the past 10 years and it would be lovely if i am accepted again this year .

Stella and Dot Submitted

Bronwen Croall introduced me to your fair she no longer does Stella and Dot.

Savons du Soleil Submitted

I wasn't sure which category to put down as for the soaps and skin care - heath and beauty but foutas are more home/garden!
I have put down for a standard stall inside but if no space would be happy to have either a standard or medium in the marquee.

Granny Smith Rag dolls & Handknit Submitted

I would like space for a small clothes rail along side my table, I will offer one of my Dolls to be Auction/Raffle.

Fruitful Orchard Submitted

We would prefer to be situated in Christison Main Hall, if possible.

We'd also be pleased to offer a raffle prize in the form of some preserves.

Red Faces Prints Submitted

Yes I'm able to offer a prize

Marie-S Submitted

We would love to come back again :)

Bey Tree Submitted

Our collection is changing all the time as we are constantly looking for new and unusual things that no one else has. New stock comes to us each week. Very happy to offer a raffle prize.

Christine Beresford ceramics Submitted

I would prefer the main hall if possible.
Yes I am able to donate a raffle prize.

my little wish Submitted

We would appreciate a corner position or a stall against the wall

Heavenly Presents Submitted

Would like an end stall as I have a Metal Chistmas Tree which is imperative fir my display

Este Estilo Submitted

For the raffle I can offer a stole which usually retails at £85.00

Green & Roses Duplicate - please ignore

Goods are Fair Trade and made by a women’s social enterprise in Ghana.

Green & Roses Submitted

Location - request near entrance main building. Not upstairs as parents with pushchairs unlikely to visit

Clinks Cufflinks Duplicate - please ignore

I would be very happy with the same stall again - inside hall round walls. Very happy to donate a raffle prize - a little gift set for men (or women).

Mibebe Submitted

I have been part of the DC Christmas Fair organisation during the last years, helping to promote de the Fair.

Photography by Imelda Submitted

I am happy to provide a voucher for a raffle prize.

Miss Molly Boutique Submitted

I have a WV touran and I have selected a standard bay on site parking which I hope is correct as it is not a van

Rui Submitted

If there is any stall space with a wall behind that would be amazing please.

So Just Shop Submitted

Although we work with women-led artisans from all over the world, we are a local business based in West Norwood and love the local support that Dulwich College gives us.

Place in Print Submitted

We'd love to be able to use our art browsers directly in front of our table, so if we could have a stall location that has a little bit more passage width in front, that would be ideal.

Preferred stall locations: Christison Main Hall or Upstairs Dining Room.

CrystalsandButtons Submitted

If possible, I would like a stall with wall space/shelf, suitable to hang or lean pictures against. I would also like to know if it would be possible to bring along two artists easels.

The Spitalfields Candle Company Submitted

Happy to donate a raffle prize and preferred location would be in the Christison main hall

ChilliDogs Submitted

Our position last year was great for us but happy to go wherever you think suitable.

Brett & Bailey Submitted

We had an amazing day at the 2017 fair and would love to join you again. Many thanks.

Coffee Rush UK Submitted

It would be great to join you again after missing out in 2017.

Great Bakes Submitted

Ideally we would like to be positioned in the main hall with a wall behind us, pitch MH5 or MH17.
We are happy to donate a Great Bakes Gift tin to the raffle

Majmakes Submitted

Is it possible to be on the end of a row?
Last year was my first time at the fair and the customers responded really well to all my products because they make great gifts.

The Italian Knitwear Company Submitted

As we design most of our collection ourselves it can only be bought though us. We have had to do this as there are too many companies now all buying from the same source in London.
We would be more than happy to give you a raffle prize.

Mara Sculpture Submitted

We have exhibited outside in previous years. We would prefer to be outside again as the sculpture is heavy and it's best to off-load straight from the van onto the plinths. It also takes us a while to set-up and we don't want to block other exhibitors. Perhaps we can have a chat with you over the phone about how best to proceed.

Wrap Up In Style Submitted

It would be so super to be able to return to your fair once again, after a break of 3 years, i returned last year and had one of my most successful events ever, with record sales, and future sales on the back of the fair. Many of my customers had bought from me in 2013 and were thrilled to see me back in 2017, wondering where i had been, plus i have a small following of customers that had met me at other fairs in the area. My stock is very individual and changes every year so i alway have new fresh products perfect for christmas presents.
Should i be fortunate enough to gain a stall this year, please may i put a request in to be on the ground floor, in the foyer if at all possible..


I have applied for a space in the marquee as I wish to be on the ground floor. my stock is very heavy and I need to able to trolley in my stock on level ground where possible.
I am happy to offer a raffle prize.

Bag&Bone Submitted

we can provide an item for the auction
We would like to be in the main hall, ground floor

LittleLeaf Organic Cotton Submitted

Yes, we would definitely be happy to donate a raffle prize for your charity.

FAB FAIRS Submitted

I would like to stay at the Christison Hall as usual, thanks

Saneymi Handcrafted Accessories Submitted

From the available floor plan, I can see that there is a limited number of stalls with power supply. May I put in a request for MH1 in the Christison Main Hall, which does have the power supply and space to put up rails for the scarves.

dagny.d Submitted

I use a free standing banner which needs to placed against a wall so I don't block the view if placed in the middle of a room. I would like to be able to use a lamp because customers need to see the colours for my products.

DeSign12 Duplicate - please ignore

We would prefer to have one of the smaller rooms and downstairs if possible as we have a lot of heavy stock. We are also very happy to donate a substantial
raffle prize.

Stella Coles Designs Submitted

I’ve applied to do this fair on a number of occasions unsuccessfully and would really like the opportunity to do it this year. I show my work at the Dulwich Open House ( for the past 5 years) and I am a regular stall holder at the Alleynes Holly Fair. I provide a good range of items including decorations which prove very popular at the Christmas Fairs I attend. My prices are very competitive and appeal to children as well as adults. Hope I am successful this year.

Ammonite Coastal Interiors Submitted

I have been attending various events for the past 3 years, some of these include Parson's Green Fair, Richmond May Fair, Frampton Country Fair, Loseley Garden Show, Hestercombe Christmas Market.
Yes - I am more than happy to offer a raffle prize.

LEFT of FELT Submitted

Yes I would be happy to offer an auction/raffle prize. No other addition needs are required.

MiniPrint Vintage Submitted

We found that customers really engaged with our products at last year's fair with excellent sales and plenty of bespoke orders, which we fulfilled in time for Christmas (offering complimentary local delivery). As we have a lot of stock to bring and it is heavy to carry, a ground floor location would be ideal i.e. Christison Main Hall. Additionally a wall edge location is perfect for storing stock behind the stand but we fully realise it can be difficult to allocate stalls to meet everyone's expectations. Always happy to offer a raffle prize for fundraising.

Christopher Bowden Submitted

Main Hall if possible, please.

I have public liability insurance.

Happy to offer a signed book for the raffle.

Arbonne Submitted

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

JUHLA Submitted

I have a standee with my stall banner which I like to use behind the stall table to advertise my stall. Hope that is ok.

Finest Fizz Ltd Submitted

We hope we are accepted

Villiers London Submitted

Please could we have a stall in the main building if possible not near to other candle sellers.


I was unable to open the site plan, and so have opted for what I had before - a medium stall in the marquee. I did very well there before when it was a new trading area. Please do not place me next to a stall that sells clothes or any type of seller that spreads over and / or out at the front or next to me. I wont want to trade next to the type that greedily spreads out and takes every spare inch, so please place me elsewhere if the marquee has this type of trader in it.
I wasnt sure of what to say my average price was. I did calculate it once to be £40 per sale, but my range goes from £10 to over £100 with lots in between, so it just depends on the day. Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch if you require any further info.

Sarah Booth Jewellery Submitted

Any positions with good light would be beneficial, as all the ladies like to try the jewellery on and be able to see the different colours. I am happy to give a piece of jewellery for the Auction/Raffle.

More Front Than Brighton Submitted

This is my first year of trading but I have experience at fairs and so not a newbie in that sense. I am very excited to take part and I hope that I will be joining you straight after the MADE exhibition in Brighton on the previous day (application pending) for this reason I need to set up on the morning of the event. I am able to offer a raffle prize. My website has a coming soon sign on it but if you would like to see images of my work then please click here although I hope to have the site up and running by your review date with more up to date images. I have had your fair recommended to me by La La and Pom. I understand that Lucy took part last year. Whilst I am happy to take any area that you see fit glass is very heavy and if I can avoid having to carry it upstairs I would be very grateful. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that I do not require a table. Thank you.

Cath Collins Submitted

Hello, this is our first ever Christmas Fair at Dulwich College.

As we are locals, we would love to be a part of the festivities. We would love to have a medium inside pitch which is in a straight line and not on a corner.

Although our roots are in Devon, we are now based in Vauxhall. During my first maternity leave with my son, the opportunity to buy and grow Cath Collins presented itself. I jumped at it in a nano second!

We have lots of exciting new body and home products which we will be launching this Christmas, perfect gifts for women and men.

If possible, we would love to put some of our products in the toilets (free of charge) on the day of the fair.

Also, it goes without saying, we would be very happy to contribute to any fundraising activities.

If you would like to try our delicious products between now and the fair, please let us know and we will send you some to sample.

We look forward to hearing from you, Best Wishes, Alice

Reg&Bob Submitted

Just to say that I am not sure what category Reg&Bob fit into as you do not have a 'pet' section. However the products do make fabulous gifts for pet owners, teachers and family so have selected the 'gifts for all' category.

Very happy to offer an auction/raffle prize of a collar and lead. I was asked to show last year but was offered in error and so I wasn't able to appear

DeQi Submitted

I know this category is always popular but I feel my products offer something different and are fab quality , still at reasonable prices.
As i mentioned previously, my website is not up to date at present so please let me know whether you need to see any photos or samples.
I will happily give a cashmere gift for the raffle/auction.
Many thanks,

Hilary Woof Glass Submitted

I am unclear where the stalls will be this year. I would have to have a power supply if the stalls were in the darker centre of the hall, but not if it was in the glass walled areas. Last year was fine in the Christiansen entrance area. My glassware needs light, but natural light is actually better.

Last year was very successful for me, but I felt that it could have been improved if I had been more centrally placed with other stalls. I am assuming we are back in the main hall this year?

Ambika A Voke Designs Submitted

I have disability requirements. I walk with a walking frame and have balance issues so would prefer to be on the end of the area rather than in the middle. However I am prone to infections so need to be a bit warm. I will have help but need to think about not being parked too far away. I also need time to set up as I am very slow.

I am very happy to offer a auction/raffle prize. Probably one of the very limited edition sterling silver treble clef necklaces as I will no longer be able to make these on a practical level since my last stroke...

RUBY RED Submitted

Same area as last year please in the Christison Hall Foyer CF08 which is one position along from last year.

viCeramics Submitted

If possible, I would prefer to be in the Christison Main Hall.

Eco-Antique Teacup Candles Submitted

Yes, I will be able to offer a raffle prize: a vintage teacup candle.

zigzag maps Submitted

i would prefer a stall downstairs due to medical reasons
i have a facebook page, ZigZag Maps
i am able to offer an auction prize

Mama Little's Rum Cake Submitted

Please confirm that a table will be supplied onthe day.

Thank you.

Marrakech Kitchen Under review

We will be using our own gazebo 3mx3m

Orissa Boutique Submitted

We've applied for the last 4 years without success. We're very keen to be part of your event and very much hope this year we are!

Mary Wright Ceramics Submitted

I'd love to come!

Esoteric London LTD Submitted

I am happy to supply a gift for the prize draw.

Sophie Aroutcheff Submitted

My product cover more than one category you offer.

Alina Candles Submitted

As my larger display candles are extremely heavy, please can I be on a ground floor level (ie no stairs if possible) and although my smaller candles are lighter, I need to bring a lot of stock to store under the table in terms of choice of colours, so it would be really helpful not to have to negotiate stairs unless absolutely necessary. I don't mind being in the Marquee if that is on ground level, but not the balcony in the hall if at all possible. Thanks! Am very happy to donate an auction/raffle prize.

Turtle & Teal Submitted

Just that we loved being part of the fair last year and would very much like to be chosen again!

We would like to be in the same position as last year if possible: Christison Hall ground floor Main Hall.
Thank you.

Highly Strung Submitted

Yes will give raffle prize

Route 66 Streetfood Submitted

We are a local, family business and would love to take part in this event. We are happy to offer a prize!

The Junkyard Rabbit Submitted

Please visit my instagram for a good representation of my product range the_junkyard_rabbit

The dinosaur planters I sell are particularly popular and completely unique.

QUANACE Submitted

I have been on your priority waiting list for 5 years now and have never been selected. I do hope that you will allow me the opportunity to display my products this year.

Cherry Pits Pads Submitted

Parent in DC

Clinks cufflinks Submitted

We are both ex pupils ( I went to Alleyns), were married and worked at the school. This is a big day for us as it is like a reunion/ a trip down memory lane and important showcasing event all rolled in to one. I really hope we get a place and I am a big fan of using the new hall. I will make a special pair of Cufflinks for the raffle

Archie Tiggs Submitted

Shopping Marquee please and If possible either a corner table or a wall table as I have hanging items. Last year i was in the middle of the Marquee and it was a bit of a squeeze.
And yes, to providing a raffle prize.

Vishana ltd Submitted

We need wall space please

Jimbles Jim Jams Limited Submitted

I have ticked average product price as £20-£50 for the kids ranges and ticked kids clothing.
However we also have adults sets and I would therefore have ticked £50-£100 box for Adults Full sets which range from £72- £79.

If I am successful in my application there will be reduced prices especially for the Fair.

Toosh Clohing Submitted

I’ll be delighted to donate a pair of lounge pants for the raffle.

Anila's Authentic Sauces Ltd Submitted

My Representative Phil Master used to attend this event for many years but left last year and we were too late to apply so were not able to be there in 2017. I hope you will consider us this year. The items are the same and we are the producers.

MURI Submitted

I have heard so many great things about the market from both traders and visitors alike and i just can’t wait to be a part of it!

Louise Whalley Submitted

Please could I request a wall position but not immediately next to the door. I am able to offer an auction prize

Querencias Submitted

As all our products are designed to be wall hung; we would really value having a stall where we would be able to hang the boxes from the three walls. They are not heavy and only require a small screw each to hang from.

We would also consider taking a Small stand if no Mediums are available, or indeed a Large stand also. As a furniture maker perhaps I could bring some pieces of furniture to fill such a space - my website is for examples of my work. I imagine you will not be short on applications however!

We would also be able to make a contribution to the Raffle. I have a dovetailed jewellery box I would be happy to submit.

Many thanks for you time!

Henhouse Candles Submitted

If possible could I have my back to a wall please.
I will donate a prize for the raffle

Mister Master & Little Miss Submitted

We wouldn't need any trestle tables as we have our own clothes racks and display equipment.

Mel Smith Designs Submitted

My work falls into both the Homeware and Prints areas so if there is a way of it being considered for either area that would be great and I can customise my stall depending on the outcome (if chosen of course!). My Dulwich College prints sold out last year and I had numerous enquiries about adding a Dulwich coaster range so I am looking at this for this years fairs.

PSantiago Alpaca Designs Submitted

We have standard stand set up of bespoke designed hanging rails with built in LED lighting which normally requires a 4m x 3m space. In the case of Dulwich as the space is much smaller we will reduce and adapt to fit the large space asked for. If we cannot have the large space requested then as minimum we ask for a medium space where we will bring standard 2m hanging rails. A small space is not suitable and if offered would be declined.

Shards Glass Fusion Submitted

If selected for the event, I would like to request a stall against an outside wall on a ground floor. We have found it helps with the safety aspects displaying the glassware for us and also neighbouring stall holders. The glassware is quite heavy and carrying our boxes upstairs would be difficult. We would be willing to donate an item for the raffle.

SevenSeventeen Submitted

We are happy to offer a candle for your auction/raffle

The Perfect Gift Box Submitted

Yes we can offer a gift box for auction .

Ben Willis Woodcraft Submitted

Although I make larger pieces of furniture I tend to sell smaller wooden items at events such as this to economise on space. I do normally like to have one or two larger items such as chairs on display to demonstrate . If this would require a 'medium' stand I would be happy to go for this option although I have selected 'normal' in the previous section. I would also be happy to donate a prize for the raffle.

English Rose Linens Submitted

Yes Raffle prize

Cards For Good Causes Submitted

Our preferred location is indoors, somewhere in the main flow. We would prefer not to be in the marquee.

Cole of London Submitted

I have been in the very cold hall twice (the one on the left as you look at the building) and really don't want to be in there again as it was FREEZING. Is there any chance I could be in the main hall?

Illumens Candles Submitted

I have not been to the Dulwich Fair before so unsure of the layout but preferably not positioned upstairs due to carrying the weight of the candles.

If at all possible a wall space for storage of products.

I would be happy to give a raffle prize.

Thank you.

Mumford and Dog Submitted

Very happy to supply raffle prize!

Me Encanta Jewellery Submitted

I have over 11,000 followers on social media, and as I am local to the event I am able to promote it to encourage people to visit the fair.I also have a number of "one off" pieces I only sell at fairs and as I offer a discount from my website pricing at fairs it encouarges people to attend and spend. I hope this was proven at last years fair. My prices start at £20 and rise to £399 however I find the average spend per piece is £74

Born & Raised Submitted

Set up with truck and gazebo is - 5.2 meters wide x 5.8 meters deep

Spritzblue Submitted

Ideally, if accepted, I would love to be in the Christison Main Hall. I can certainly supply a box of stationery for your raffle. Many thanks. Claire.

KMK Art and Design Submitted

I have selected a medium marquee stall so that I can hang my wreaths from a ladder to sit next to/ in front of the stall. I hope this is plausible.
My friend Jane Cullinan Hollihead has sent me this application email as she has been at your Fair for a number of years, but does not want to do it this year. I sell and make similar produce to her. Please contact me if you would like images of the Christmas work I produce.

Kent Turkeys Ltd Submitted

We will require as usual a space in the front car park on Sat. Dec.22nd 9.30 am to 11.0 am to allow our customers to pick up their Fresh Xmas bird.

Y-KAIROS Submitted

I am happy to offer baby/toddler cashmere lined tweed bonnet for your Auction/Raffle prize.

Augstine Jewels Submitted

We have twice been voted Jewellery designer of the year 2015 and 2017. All our pieces are designed and handcrafted by our team; each individual stone has been specially selected by our owner, Alexandra Robson, who is certified in gemstone classification by the GIA. We sell beautiful everyday to very individual bespoke and classical pieces.

The Tie Studio Submitted

This year it would be wonderful to be accepted as a stall holder for your Christmas Fair. We are on your reserve list and of course we would be delighted to support your fundraising with whatever products you think appropriate. if you do need any additional information from us please do contact me.
Thank you.

Filipski and Kirkus Submitted

Last year was great in the Christison Hall Foyer as there was lots of space around the stall for flow of people (good for avoiding bumps into the stall with all the breakables etc!) so I'd certainly be happy to be back there - or wherever you deem suitable. Thanks

Roast Hog Submitted


Quirky Dovetail Submitted

As we will be showing furniture, please would you kindly offer us easy access and preferably a corner position as for 2017.

St. Bert's Clothing Submitted

Our stand is 6ft high and we have a lot of stock so we prefer to be against a wall so 1/ we do not block out other stall holders and 2/ we can hide our stock behind our stand. Thank you!

Mette Høj Jewellery Submitted

Currently working on a new collection using stunning semi-precious stones crafted into statement jewellery. I am also launching a new webshop later summer 2018.

Little Print Jewellery and Accessories Submitted

I loved being at the Dulwich College Christmas fair last year - very busy, welcoming and a great day for LPJ. I do hope I will be given the chance to join you once again.

Holly Francesca Submitted

Happy to take another stall option, if the option I chose is unavailable.

STAGECOACH DULWICH Performing Arts Submitted

We can also possibly perform at the Christmas Fair should here be any performance space or slots available.
We have a local Main School on Fridays and Saturdays at Bessemer Grange School where many local Dulwich students attend and this could bring much custom to the fair should the children be performing Christmas Carols or Songs there.

Olivia Creber Jewellery Submitted

Please view my instagram on @oliviacreberjewellery
If you would like to see photographs of my stall set up, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bantam Knits Submitted

Preferably, we would like to be in the Main Hall and if possible have a wall behind us

Ocean Sole Submitted

I was a late shoe-in last year and whilst those who got to my pitch were very enthusiastic, we did discuss finding me a more front of house pitch this year.
I'd very much appreciate it if I could be on a corner.

Sue Pozzoni Designs Submitted

I have selected a medium pitch as I have a small stand which I put by the table.

On the two occasions I had a stall at the Christmas Fair I was upstairs in the Main Hall (on the floor area, not the stage). If I am selected I would like to in the same hall please.

English Relics Submitted

Happy to donate a pair of English Civil war musket ball cuff links (value £50) Submitted

Please refer to examples of the ABC photobook

Sports Channel Shop Submitted

We would like a stall of 2 x 6' tables in a straight line. We sell from behind.

We would like to be in the Main Hall or the Hall Foyer

We are happy to provide a raffle prize

Charisma by N.Tsiamas Submitted

I would happily offer one of my creations for the raffle
I would prefer to be inside the main hall area where the crafts and bespoke creations are
As I have no experience from the previous locations of the fair I would appreciate it if we could discuss the best possible position for me after approving my participation

Aunties treasures Duplicate - please ignore

I am disabled with a car badge so would like a stall near to entrance of marquee if possible thanks

Bunty’s Kitchen Submitted

I work from an American Airstream with has been converted into a kitchen, it’s roughly 6 meters in length which I Tow with a small van. It would be helpful if this could be accessed during the event but not essential. Alternatively I have a 3x3m gazebo that I use at the rear of the Airstream but I understand that space is at a premium.

Nightingale Christmas Submitted

Like last year we plan to bring two or three of our trees to display so customers can see the quality. As such it would be really helpful if our stall could be along a wall so we can push the trees up against it and avoid encroaching on other stallholders' space. If this is not possible then we can, of course, make it work. Many thanks, Florence and Luke.

Haru Sakai Submitted

I would be happy to offer a couple of handmade brass star christmas decorations for the raffle.
I have applied for an standard inside stall but would also be happy with a standard sized stall in the marquee.

Cheeky Mare Mobile Bar Submitted

With the horsebox we would normally set it up on arrival then our vehicle will be parked elsewhere.
Horsebox size is 3m x 5m
Could you please use the new email address provided on the application form of instead of Jackie Colwell.

Ridiculously Rich by Alana Submitted

Happy to offer box of mixed cakes for raffle

Would prefer to set my own tables up in an L formation if possible but I’m not sure of best location so happy to be guided by you . I have a backdrop picture of Alana Spencer and
Lord Sugar that I would like to be able to hang up if possible please . I do have a branded gazebo if required .

Sold. Submitted

Please could my medium stall be located on a wall location within the Christmas Marquee, so that I can hang my range of t shirts up behind my stall.

Also, I will be bringing 2 x floor standing A3 print racks to display my range of screen prints (£20) and digital prints (£15). I aim to place this in front or to the side of my stall.

kerstin haigh Submitted

I am a former parent of Dulwich and miss being a part of the community! Really hoping to show my new work at this years fair.

Mylittlesweethearts Submitted

I do not currently have Public Liability Insurance but would be happy to take it out if needed.

G.u.f Submitted

Both my friend and I are ex parents and make our items at home.

Irina Papane Submitted

I took part in Christmas Fair of St Christopher hospice,Horniman museum ,Brocwell park ,many schools incl Ducks
I am with plessure help to you with Raffle prize.I am friend of Marta Poyo and she has recomended me to come to this Fair

Liberty kelly Submitted

Also happy to be outside in the marque if easier.

Miss MollyBoutique Submitted

Please note when I first enquired regarding a stall (last year) I was using another email since then I have a new email so just don't want to make sure you have two applications for me.

Thank you

Flock by Nature Submitted

We launched our collection six months ago. We are a wife and husband team and believe in the importance of pressing pause on the frenetic, everyday world. In those moments of calm we have created a collection of luxurious and comfortable clothes to help you focus on the moment. We have experience of retail from pop-ups and have our own payment system for cards etc. Our background is large companies, Flock is our search for a more balanced life. We can offer an auction/raffle prize as well as 10% of our profits from the fair going to causes we care about, these are: Lend with Care, Unseen and Trees for Cities.

JuniperBerry Kids Submitted

I will need to have space for a clothing rail within my stall. I would normally place it alongside the table - will there be space for this?

Tiebandz Submitted

We are able to offer a raffle prize for the fair

Burlington Games Group Under review

We'd most likely look to have a couple of football tables at our stall for visitors to play on as and when they wish. We are a local business and really keen to let our nearby businesses and individuals know that such a company exist right on their doorstep!

PAVITRA Submitted

We would like to kindly ask you if we could have a stall in the Christison Main Hall, please.
And to have a stall not to close to chocolate, fudge, alcohol(if you have maybe) or any other food stalls, as we find it works better for us.
We will be glad to donate a raffle prize.
Many thanks,

Shawls Galore Submitted

Applying once again and hoping to get lucky this year!! Would love to be part of this event if possible, I hear such fantastic things about it.
If selected I would be happy to offer one of my shawls to be raffled.

Kat & Kin Submitted


Second Nature Soaps Submitted

I exhibit at RHS London Shows, Chelsea Physic Gardens Christmas Fair (for the last 7 years) and I have been invited to RHS Chatsworth Flower Show for the first time this year. My products are exhibited on 50+ year old apple boxes. I haven't exhibited with yourselves since the new committee but was warmly welcomed by yourself in the past and always sold well.

You have advised that I am on your priority mailing list and have sent a reminder for me to apply.

Cashmere Cubs Submitted

I did the fair for the first time last year and it was a really good experience (and profitable) for me and hence my reason for applying again this year. It was a great atmosphere and very busy. However, if I am successful again this year it would be much appreciated if I could be in one of the halls as they were a lot brighter than my spot (not a deal breaker for me but I thought I would ask). Last year, I gave a comforter to the Auction and would be happy to give something similar this year.
I am making pretty much the same things as last year but I have increased my range a bit and I have also limited my colours as I have realised that people mostly want blue or pink or cream and yellow as they are normally buying my things as gifts and so don't want to be too experimental with their purchase.

Cherrybella Boutique Submitted

We have traded at previous Holly Fairs at Alleyns School and have regular customers based in the area - thank you for your consideration

The Beer Shop London Submitted

Due to the bulkiness and weight of our products, we'd appreciate having a stall in a similar location to last year which was against the wall and near to the loading entrance, ideally CSM21.
We are also happy to offer a raffle prize - depending on availability this will be a special Christmas beer or a small beer gift box.

Health from Aloe Submitted

I'm an Old Alleynian and hope you may be able to accommodate me again this year.
Thank you.

Sundeis Cakes and Confectionery Submitted

Hi there, last year I was offered an outside stall option (I believe SO1/2) and was then able to use my own branded gazebo which helped with visibility. This isn't appearing as an option so even though I'm not selling burgers but lower priced food I've selected the only option that seems to allow for use of my gazebo. Hope this ok!

The Yin Candle Co. Submitted

I am happy to donate a candle as a raffle prize.

Aunties treasures Submitted

Disable with car sticker so if we could near marquee entrance it would help.

Sorbet Limited Submitted

Our hammam towels are just brilliant as presents - £20 a towel and are great for the family. Fabulous for swimming, picnics, camping the gym and the perfect holiday towel.
Our snuggly throws are very popular in the Autumn/Winter

Natural Nomad Submitted

I would be grateful to be situated on the end of a row or around the edge of the marquee.
Last year I was in the middle and I found it very cold (as the heaters were around the edge) and I don't feel as many people went down the middle aisle as went down the outside areas.
I would be happy to contribute a voucher towards a treatment at The Little Escape as part of the raffle.
If you'd like to see pictures of my soaps and the sort of work I do, you can find details on my website.
Thank you

Danish Vintage Jewellery Submitted

For security I would prefer a table with a wall behind, not to be on a central island.

Wool & You / Wool & Woof Submitted

My products were incredibly well received last year and lots bought. I’d love to have a stall again this year.

Little Wise Toys Submitted

It would be wonderful to secure a place this year. I applied last year and made it to the reserve list. When I applied last year I was in the throes of moving production to the UK. The new extended UK manufactured Little Wise Toys' range launched in October 2017.

I'm not sure of where might be best for the range of products that I have, but I'd be really grateful, if I were to be lucky enough to secure a place, that the stall was in a well located position.

It might be worth me adding also that I have designed and developed all of my products from scratch (which I shared with a range of early years experts during the consultation phase of product development).

Happy to donate a raffle prize.

Fingers crossed for this year :)



AURA QUE Submitted

Happy to donate product to raffle. It would be great to be in a good location!

EE's Cosmetics Submitted

I would like to ask for stall with back to wall in main Hall or Foyer, if it's possible.

Mamma & Me London Submitted

Our ideal location would be MH15, or MH10 or MH7. We are able to offer an auction or raffle prize. Our styles are unique to Mamma & Me, we sell products that we have designed ourselves so even if another cashmere poncho company applies, our products will be different to theirs. One of our main USP's is the fact that we have ponchos for children aged 1 - 2, 3 - 7, 7-10, teen/petite and two adult sizes too. We are definitely not a one-size fits all company.

Birdie London Submitted

We are local wandsworh mothers with lots of family friends at a Duwich College and would love to be part of this event.

Peanut and Pudding UK Submitted

Although we have not got a website we can be found on Facebook or Etsy as peanutandpuddinguk. We would prefer to be on the ground floor and would be happy to donate one of our crocheted blankets as an auction prize.

upglass Submitted

All my glass ware is original and unique but at very reasonable prices. A very personal gift can be found by everyone for everyone!

Sally Rendel Submitted

I was on your waiting list a couple of years ago and I would love to have a stall at your great fair this year!

Crea Bea Submitted

We are a new business so are presence on social media and online is currently limited but this will change this year and we intend to have a website asap.
We are happy for a standard stall anywhere at the fair.
We are happy to donate any selected item to the Raffle but may be a one of our Garlands or a personalised Liberty reading cushion would be suitable.

Samantha Warren Submitted

Ideally I would like to be placed in the Christison main hall or dining room. Thank you

Scentered Submitted

Scentered are a truly unique and different offering for your Christmas Fair. We are stocked in Athropologie, Fenwicks, Tri Yoga and Planet Organic (to name a few) and we also work with some of the largest corporates in the UK and USA to assist with the wellbeing of both their customers and staff. We are passionate about educating people on the importance of breathe and taking that time to reset and we would love to share that at your Christmas Fair.

DeSign12 Submitted

If we are considered for the fayre please can we have a preference with either the Christison Hall foyer - CF8 - CF10 with the shelving
which would suit the layout for our stall with our candles and boxes or the Christmas shopping marquee with a stall on the outside
edge, not in the middle, many thanks.

Jacqueline Headlam Submitted

To view images of my products please go to my Facebook page - Jacqueline Headlam London.

I would very much like to be positioned in the Christison Main Hall.
Thank you! Submitted

Annie Tempest is one of the UK's best loved cartoonist and has been producing the Tottering by Gently cartoon for Country Life magazine for 25 years. It has become a global brand and I will be selling a selection of her signed prints and other Tottering by Gently products, including fruit gins.

Sweet Carolina Submitted

Yes, last time I was n the food hub, but was too early on the year for me. I will g to the Fair this year with a gift range, ready to do mix for cookies and brownies, kits to decorate gingermen and make ginger houses. I would love to be place on space with families footfall and not with food traders. Thank you!

Rebsville Illustration Submitted

I am planning to include a free A5 print of Dulwich College with all sales over £20 and will also be giving 50% of profits from my Christmas Cards and Gift Wrap collection to Mind Mental Health Charity.

Periodic Society Submitted

I have stall holders insurance. I have done many fairs, but I have been told this is the best one!

Nicola Corrigan Designs Submitted

I would be very interested in taking part again. My NEW commissioned sewing book will be launched this autumn. I will be showing all my products which I design. I am also featuring my sewing and arts classes (PGCE qualified/ DBS )


Please see the exchange of correspondence with Joe Spence and Helen Humphies for more info on the charity.
Please also see the Youth Ambassadors tab on the website ( for the stories of 2 current year 12 DC boys ( Will Holmes and Josh Hudson) who, in Feb 2018, visited the projects in Nepal that In Your Hands supports. Their pieces on the site include their thoughts and reactions to what we are doing. The stall will be manned by my son and other current pupils in his year. We depend on fund raising to continue to do the work we do so it would make a huge difference to us to be selected. We visit the fair each year and I am confident the products we sell will be popular. However I am happy to send photos or bring in samples if that would assist. Thanks so much for considering us.

The Cook On The Hill Submitted

No thank you.

Blackheath Sweet Bakes Submitted

This would be my first -time applying as my son joined Dulwich College last September, YR 7. I would be happy to offer a little children's hamper as a raffle prize. I don't have a van but a Range Rover so i opted for a double Bay - is that correct?

Ottoman Street Submitted

Happy to offer a donation/prize to support the raffle.

Rowena Park Jewellery Submitted

I would prefer to be in the Christison main hall if possible

The Quilting Academy Submitted

We are not a profit making business. The Quilting Academy at Bell House a project staffed by volunteers offering free workshops. Our long term aim to reach out to the lonely, recently bereaved and those in need of respite from their daily lives. Mindfulness and safe refuge very much at the heart of our work. We are so proud of the quality items workshop participants are producing and feel that the products and the people who make them deserve recognition. To get some of the participants to attend and serve at the stall, to interact with potential customers would be another great achievement.

KT New Jewellery Submitted

I would really appreciate being in the main hall as I enjoy the festive performances of the students and the festive atmosphere they create.

Belle & Bean Submitted

I would very much prefer to have a Christison Main Hall location if possible. Failing that the Main Hall Upper Dining room. With thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Belle & Bean

Eliza Wray Submitted

Very happy either inside or in shopping marquee but possibly not upstairs due to amount of stock! Thank you

Paul Guthrie Art Submitted

In the average price section, I have put between £50 - £100. However, my prices start at £25 for unframed small print, £99 medium, £265 large and go right up to £1,450 for an original artwork. I wanted it to be clear for your committee discussions.

Preferred locations: 1. Christison Hall Foyer 2. Christison Main Hall stage 3: Christison Gallery

Fabulous Ice Fires Submitted

We can sell gelato on the day but this may not sell well in the winter months. Do let us know if you would like this added to our stall, should we be successful. We can take orders for Gelato cakes on the day.

Ideas in Mind Submitted

I have previously sold these bags at Merton Abbey Mills market and xmas fairs. I would like a standard stall in the Christison Main Hall if possible please.

Stella & Dot by Abbie Submitted

I am a local Stylist with Stella and Dot and I believe you have previously had Stella and Dot stallholders in the past. I would love the opportunity to expand my business network and feature at your fair. I would also be happy to donate a voucher if you hold any prize drawer.

Many Thanks

Mary Kay Cosmetics Submitted

I can provide a raffle prize eg hand treatment set

Mo Bacchus Submitted


Jill Submitted

I would be flexible with the size of the stall, subject to availability. I would love to trade again at the Dulwich College fair, having missed out over the previous three years, my work sold very well the last time I participated. And customers have asked me if Im coming back. So I'll cross my fingers for this time.

Nepal Wool co. Submitted


MitziRocks Submitted

Apologies for late application - I have been entirely distracted by the Dulwich Festival Open House and pre GCSE nerves from son no 3! and I can't remember which year I did your Xmas sale, but I think it was about 4/5 years ago. It was a huge amount of fun, very successful, and I would love to do it again.

Three Deep Breaths Submitted

If successful 'Three Deep Breaths' will supply a wellbeing or hygge gift hamper Auction/Raffle prize.

SEMON Cashmere Submitted

Happy to get either Medium or Large stand.

Gin Karma Submitted

We now run a static bar and have rebranded to Gin Karma (website under construction). Our old business running the gin bar was a horsebox (Cheeky Mare Mobile Bar) which we have now sold. We are now a gazebo with a stylish static bar and bartenders and can now be sited inside or out. Our hot gin is a welcome hit at this time of year with Sipsmith's specialist syrup tonic and branded glasses. However, 20 other gins available. Dulwich College Christmas fayre go-ers will not be disappointed with our range of artisan gins and fever tree tonics, and themed festive stall. Jackie Colwell is a personal licence holder from her previous mobile bar which has been sold earlier this year in favour of the new business. Please see old website or Facebook Page Cheeky Mare Mobile Bar to see pictures of how fabulously we dressed our stall for Christmas.

Cakehole Submitted

I selected the £150 medium indoor stall but I just need to be outside with the other food stalls with my 3x3m gazebo and tables. Thanks so much.

This is Book LOve Submitted

I am unsure about whether to take the 'Inside' or 'Marquee'
I also offer story telling by my stall and have rugs laid out for children to sit on. I am happy to that.
I would also like a space for a rail. My stall is very immersive - with music and lots of interaction, so an end of aisle space or access to children's bouncy castles nearby etc would be good.

Fearless Flamingo Submitted

Nothing to add other than I'd really love to take part! Apologies for the belated application (caught up in the craziness of preparing for the Dulwich Open House event at the weekend!). I'd be very happy to provide something for the raffle too.


I launched PITTCH Socks 5years ago and have exhibited at the London Fairs, RHS, Country Living and Equestrian events. I am flexible on display both on open space and table top displays. I would happily send you product for quality and packaging which could be then used for the raffle prize.

Doctor-IT Limited Accepted (no stall assigned)

I offer stuff for raffle.

Lala & Bea Applied after deadline

We love being apart of your amazing fair - we just missed the deadline - error in our own communication - we would so love to be considered - we have had really successful years in the past - it being one of the best events we do running up to Xmas!

The Guinea Fowl Applied after deadline

We are happy to go in the marquee if inside is full.