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Please read this offer very carefully because some things may have changed since you made your application.

After reading the offer please accept the terms and conditions and then pay by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Set Up

The Fair will be open from 11.30 - 4pm

The organisers will be setting up on Saturday ready for the Fair. There will be some Christmas decorations around the campus. Trestle tables, chair(s) and any other equipment will be positioned and labelled in the various locations ready for the stallholders. You are expected to bring your own table covers and any other table top decorations you may wish to use.

“Standard” stall holders must not set up additional rails or stands because the floor space allocated is for the table and standing room only.

Please also note that no displays or stock can be attached to the fabric of our buildings, such as to light fittings, pillars, walls, etc.

Stall Locations

Should you wish to see the exact positioning of your stall in the room, please refer to your stall Stall Code and then go to maps.


If you have been provided with power, there will be a power supply behind your stall.  Power has been provided only to some stalls on the perimeter of our rooms.  Leads must not cross the floor in front of, or beside your stall.

Please note that all electrical appliances and lights etc. must have PAT test confirmation stickers and should any appliances be faulty, or not comply, the College reserves the right to unplug and remove the appliance for the duration of the Fair.  Furthermore, all power provided for lighting assumes standard table lighting and no high powered halogen lights or naked flames, including tea lights, will be allowed. Battery-powered lights may be used if they have the appropriate PAT test certificate.

Drop-off and Parking

If you have purchased a parking space you will be sent a Parking Permit in the weeks leading up to the fair.

Street Food Market stallholders with parking permits or entry passes may enter through the entrance on the South Circular (A205), between 8am and 8.30am.

All other stallholders with parking permits must enter through the vehicle entrance on the South Circular, between 8.30am and 10:30am.  The fair opens to the public at 11.30am.

Please print out your Parking Permit or Entry Pass and place it on your dashboard when you approach the College.

Stallholders with parking permits may drop off their goods at their stalls and as directed by College staff and proceed to the Lord George Playground for parking. Please unpack your goods AFTER you have parked your vehicle, to avoid congestion and delays.

All parking spaces on the College campus are fixed for the day and for health and safety reasons, cars cannot be moved between 10.45 am to 4.15 pm

If you are not parking on site, you will be able to enter the campus on foot via the main entrance on College Road only, between 8.30am - 10.30am. If you have not requested a Parking space, and feel that you may now need one, there are a very limited number still available at £10 each for a standard car, or £20 for a van. If you do require one, please use the "Support" tab in the above menu bar and we will try to allocate you a space.

Please refer to Google maps for local parking opportunities. The address for the College is: College Road, London SE21 7LD.

Food & Drinks

We have a broad selection of catering outlets in our “Street Food Market” in the South Gravel, offering hot and cold drinks and a wonderful array of foods from around the world.


Due to the age and construction of the buildings, no WiFi coverage will be available across the campus so all stall holders are advised to employ 3 or 4G payment devices and accept cash and cheques.

Offer, PLI and payment

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Please check this very carefully although we do the best we can to accommodate the wishes of the applicant OUR OFFER MIGHT BE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR REQUEST


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If we could not satisfy your requirements please accept our apologies, we have over 400 applications for only 150 places. If your own circumstances have changed please be assured that this will not prejudice your application in future years.

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The order_id is actually the Id of the application in form 06...