SignUp Training for Organisers

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Thank you so much for volunteering to be an activity organiser. In the past organisers were inundated with emails and had to fight spreadsheets but now we use the SignUp website and administration is easy.

How it works for us

The Fair Organiser will send Dulwich Post emails to parents requesting that they go to the Dulwich College Christmas Fair 2018 Group Page  and volunteer for an activity ("SignUp"). Each SignUp can have many shifts ("spots").

Sign-Up allows volunteers to,

  • volunteer for a spot
  • Cancel a spot
  • Swap a spot with another user
  • Ask the organiser a question

So volunteers can do almost everything without your help! If you do need to help, then as an Organiser you can create and edit spots and assign users to them.

There is a helpful gauge that shows how many people has signed up to your activity. If too few have signed up you can work with the Fair Organiser to increase the marketing of your signup.

Training Plan


  1. Why use Signup
  2. How to register for
  3. How users signup
  4. How to manage your signup
  5. How to create your own signup
  6. How to send a message to volunteers

Why use Signup?

A one minute video introduction to

How to register for

If you don't already have a login for you must register and enter our Premium Promo HXKG9NML to join the Dulwich College plan.

How users sign up

This short video shows how a user will sign up to your activity.

How to manage your SignUp

Most users will signup using links from Dulwich Post emails but you may want to add some users manually, add or remove spots or send your own invitation links. This video shows you how to do this.

How to create your own signup

The system administrator has set up all the signups for the Christmas Fair but you might want to put your new found skills to good use. For example you could,

  • plan a class party
  • arrange reading to children
  • schedule attendance at an information desk
  • ...

Almost everything that a Parent Teachers Association does can be supported by and they have loads of ideas here.

There are plenty of training videos on their site and this one shows you how to set up your first signup.

How to send a message to volunteers