Thank you letters

Download this list of stallholder names and addresses and then either print envelopes or labels.

Mail Merging

The process of using Excel data to print many different envelopes is called "mail merging". This YouTube video shows how to "mail merge" print labels using Microsoft Word and Excel. The screens may look slightly different in your version of Word but you can usually find the template to select by clicking the "Options" button. The process is similar for printing envelopes.

Printing Envelopes

The advantage of printing envelopes is that it cuts out the manual step of printing labels. Most business quality laser printers and some home printers will accept envelopes with no problem. It is best to use business envelopes for example, plain white DL.

Printing Labels

Many offices have a dedicated label printer and software to print the labels. If you don't have one of these then you can use Microsoft Word and A4 sheets of labels. A suitable label template is Avery L7160.

Address Report

Click the link below this report to download a CSV files suitable for use in Excel as source for your mail merge.

Before printing check that special punctuation in names such as apostrophes are shown correctly because Excel sometimes mangles these.

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