2020 Extra Pages

2020 has been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. This page and its children support our ad-hoc responses.

Response to Proceed or Withdraw email

Statistics on 9th September 2020

Current Data

You can download this data and analysis it in Excel using the link at the bottom.

Trading Name Email Address Application Status Stall Proceed/Withdraw
20 Seventh Letter and Eight & J april@20seventhletter.com Rejected proceed
31st Statet stephanie@31st-state.com Accepted Stall Assigned CG03 (2020) proceed
A L'Etage 2 info@aletage2.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH11 (2020) proceed
AB Design and Interiors annie@abdesignandinteriors.co.uk Rejected proceed
Adamsrill Arts keithknox@email.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM50 (2020)
No reply (14634)
AFFYBALE LTD affy@affybale.com Rejected proceed
Agua Na Boca agailey@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM15 (2020)
No reply (14335)
Albi & Mac, Gifts of Comfort debbie@albiandmac.co.uk Rejected proceed
Alina Candles shona.lockyer@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM12 (2020) proceed
All the Fun of the Fair buzzstokes66@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH03 (2020) proceed
Almost edible klbuckingham25@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM38 (2020) proceed
Aloeherbal marybg55@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14722)
Amy Tyrrell Design amytyrrelldesign@outlook.com Rejected withdraw
And Breathe Wellbeing jackie.colwell@sky.com Rejected proceed
Anna Jacobs Design anna@annajacobsart.com Rejected
No reply (14446)
AnneSofie’s Ideas annesofies3@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Art4Space jewels@art4space.co.uk Rejected proceed
Artisan Homeware artisanhomeware@gmail.com Rejected proceed
ASL CERAMICS LTD info@aslceramics.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH41 (2020) proceed
Atlas London Ltd atlaslondon@aol.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM15 (2020) proceed
AURA QUE laura@auraque.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR09 (2020)
No reply (14665)
Ayuum carolcathrojackson@yahoo.com Reserve proceed
Babble & Hemp charlie@babbleandhemp.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH30 (2020)
No reply (14235)
Ball and Chalk info@ballandchalk.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH43 (2020) proceed
Bansheeplum Ceramics bansheeplum@icloud.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM23 (2020) proceed
BATTERBURY petra@batterbury.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14877)
Beastiebaabaa amanda@beastiebaabaa.co.uk Reserve
No reply (14797)
Bee Smith Millinery bee@bee-smith.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH19 (2020) proceed
Belle & Bean emmamarlow@hotmail.co.uk Rejected proceed
beti+beno hello@betibeno.com Rejected proceed
Beuzeval Furniture mandie@beuzeval.org Rejected proceed
Bev Burt ceramics jaxanddobs41@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Bey Tree sue@beytree.com Rejected proceed
Birdie London birdielondon@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR06 (2020) proceed
Blackbook Winery info@blackbookwinery.com Reserve proceed
Bodyenrich dev@bodyenrich.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH14 (2020)
No reply (14879)
BookLove samantha.williams@thisisbooklove.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH10 (2020)
No reply (14818)
Born & Raised tom@bornandraisedpizza.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM11(2020) proceed
Brett & Bailey enquiries@brettandbailey.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM14 (2020) proceed
Bridget Marchi Glass hello@bridgetmarchi.com Rejected proceed
Brownstone London anne@brownstonelondon.com Rejected proceed
Brueri Alleyniensis Rowneyka@dulwich.org.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SOS2 (2020)
No reply (15027)
Brush64 info@brush64.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM54 (2020) proceed
Bumble & Earwig laura@bumbleandearwig.com Rejected
No reply (14935)
Cade Street Potter nathanandal@yahoo.co.uk Reserve proceed
Cakehole lara@cakeholelondon.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM3 (2020) proceed
Cameliya Floral Design m_bruce@hotmail.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM45 (2020)
No reply (14686)
Camilla Costello camilla@camillacostello.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14684)
Camper Catering Campercatering@aol.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM5 (2020) proceed
Camper Catering Campercatering@aol.com Duplicate - please ignore
No reply (14189)
Camper Catering Jimrichardsonn@aol.com Duplicate - please ignore
No reply (14632)
Capalia dflanm@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF02 (2020) proceed
Caroline Arno cclarno@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14856)
Cascada cascadasa@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14219)
Cath Collins Fragrances info@cathcollins.com Reserve proceed
Catherine Marche Ethical Fine Jewellery contact@catherinemarche-designs.com Rejected proceed
Catnap Design London suzie@catnapdesign.com Rejected proceed
Ceramics by Chloe Hope King ceramics@chloehopeking.com Rejected proceed
Charisma jewellery nicoletsiama@yahoo.gr Rejected proceed
charlotte knapman collections charlottekcollections@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CG04 (2020) proceed
charlotte reid jewellery charlotte@charlottereid.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH42 (2020) proceed
Cheese Bomb Gifts deborah.orson@hotmail.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR07 (2020)
No reply (14803)
Cherrybella ellabrackenbury@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Cherubimkids vonand53@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM13 (2020) proceed
ChilliDogs steph@chillidogsevents.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM13 (2020) proceed
Chocolates by eloise Emma@chocolatesbyeloise.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM35 (2020)
No reply (14337)
Christine Beresford Ceramics bumble811@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Christmas Nordic Gnomes suepozzoni@btinternet.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH34 (2020) proceed
Christopher Bowden chbowden@btopenworld.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR10 (2020) proceed
Chubbychucks handmade toys toyin95@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Chukka Belts chukkabelts@aol.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM44 (2020) proceed
Cinzia Callegari Jewellery info@cinziacjewellery.co.uk Rejected withdraw
Clinks claus.angela@yahoo.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH20 (2020)
No reply (14377)
Clinks - cufflinks and men’s gifts info@clinkscufflinks.co.uk Duplicate - please ignore proceed
Cloca, London victoria@cloca-london.com Rejected proceed
Clockwork Soldier Ltd info@clockworksoldier.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH45 (2020)
No reply (14281)
Coco & Ginger cocoandgingercandles@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM33 (2020) proceed
Coco & Kinney contact@cocoandkinney.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH29 (2020) proceed
Coffee Rush UK robbie@coffee-rush.com Rejected proceed
Cole of London sarahmcole@btinternet.com Rejected withdraw
Colourful Creation Home Design info.colourcreations2015@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Comic Art jpr@thecomicartwebsite.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF10 (2020) proceed
Coopers Coffee Bar cooperscoffeebar@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM2 (2020) proceed
Corinne Alexander corinnealexander@outlook.com Rejected proceed
CORNUCOPIA CANDLES nicky.rabett@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Cosy Beasties alex@bantamknits.co.uk Reserve withdraw
cpinksilver silverpye@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Craft Editions hello@crafteditions.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM51 (2020) proceed
Crafty Pear Thechedders@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM04 (2020) proceed
Creabea creabea.uk@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM20 (2020) proceed
Crepesomania akim@crepesomania.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM10 (2020) proceed
dagny.d info@dagnyd.co.uk Reserve proceed
Danish Vintage Jewellery ekhetherington15@gmail.com Rejected proceed
DeQi nicolacmarlow@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Dilly Dots georgina.billings@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14782)
Dilly-Dally Jewellery jen@dilly-dally.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH40 (2020) proceed
DoughDough nicolesuuk@mac.com - Waiting for information proceed
Drift Beachwear driftbeachwear@hotmail.com Rejected
No reply (14720)
Dulwich Gin Ltd aisling.roberts@yahoo.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH06 (2020) proceed
E M M A J A N E K N I G H T Cashmere ejk@emmajaneknight.com Rejected
No reply (14329)
Eco-Antique Teacup Candles helen@antiqueteacupcandles.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH04 (2020) proceed
Edith & Clement Portrait Co. clemmy_photographer@yahoo.co.uk Rejected
No reply (15116)
Edy and Bridge edyandbridge@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM19 (2020) proceed
Ella and cherry cherry@ellaandcherry.couk Duplicate - please ignore
No reply (14174)
Ella and Cherry cherry@ellaandcherry.co.uk Duplicate - please ignore
No reply (14442)
Ella and Cherry Ltd cherry@ellaandcherry.co.uk Rejected proceed
Elvira van Vredenburgh Designs hello@elviravvdesigns.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH22 (2020) proceed
Ernest & Cooper Woodworks Co. cameron@ernestandcooper.com Rejected proceed
Esoteric London LTD sales@esoteric-london.com Rejected proceed
Essemgé contact@essemge.com Rejected withdraw
Este Estilo naila12345@aol.com Reserve proceed
Fabulous Fudge fabfudge@yahoo.com Rejected proceed
Faerie Tale Alpacas Ltd kgvaidya@aol.com Rejected proceed
Fearless Flamingo contact@fearlessflamingo.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR17 (2020) proceed
Finial Flax claire@finialflax.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14706)
Flextiles flextiles@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH39 (2020) proceed
Foto Noir mark@fotonoir.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14521)
Foutala info@foutala.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH38 (2020) proceed
FRAN.MADE Ceramics design.reidy.f@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (15157)
FRENCH COLLECTION kim.frenchcollection@talktalk.net Rejected proceed
Friends of DC Drinks Tent fbembridge@yahoo.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM6 (2020)
No reply (13886)
Fund Raiser for St Christopher's Hospice jamgt@talktalk.net Accepted Stall Assigned CG06 (2020) proceed
FunkyNChunky funkynchunky1@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Gaby Gassner Jewellery gabygassner@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Gauzy Jackal gemimaking@hotmail.co.uk Rejected proceed
Gems of Istanbul eterzioglu@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Granny Smith Handmade Craft deemsmith28@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Handmade in SE20 se20handmade@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Hardwood Designs bigrich67@btinternet.com - Waiting for information withdraw
Heavenly Presents heavenlypresents@hotmail.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH13 (2020) proceed
Hector&Queen info@hectorandqueen.co.uk Rejected withdraw
Help Me to Hemp d_g_marshall@mac.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH27 (2020) proceed
Heti's Colours Ltd heti@hetiscolours.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM29 (2020) proceed
Heza heza@heza.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR03 (2020) proceed
Hic Haec Hoc hichaechocdesigns@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Hokolo info@hokolo.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR01 (2020) proceed
Holly Francesca info@hollyfrancesca.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14481)
Honduras Expedition 2021 nicollrb@dulwich.org.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SOS1 (2020)
No reply (14255)
Ian Anderson ijg66@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM52 (2020) proceed
Imagethirst photography jenniferguy8@googlemail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM53 (2020) proceed
Imogen Man Artist imogenman@hotmail.com Rejected withdraw
Irina papane13@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
It's All About Colour helsey64@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH44 (2020) proceed
ITS A ONE OFF Htnicola@aol.com Rejected proceed
Jacqueline Headlam jacquelineheadlam@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CG05 (2020) proceed
Jacqui joseph Designs jj@jacquijoseph.com Rejected proceed
James Barker hello@james-barker.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH33 (2020) proceed
James Cromwell Ltd. harry@jamescromwell.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH37 (2020) proceed
Jamknits Jn.jammy@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR04 (2020) withdraw
Jess Chan Textiles jesschantextiles@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM26 (2020) proceed
Jill jill.green@me.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH32 (2020) proceed
Jilli Isaacs Jewellery leighanne@leighannephillips.com Rejected proceed
JimblesJimJams james@jimblesjimjams.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM11 (2020) proceed
Jiminy Crickets abigaildraper@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Jo Sharpe Artist info@jo-sharpe.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM09 (2020)
No reply (14866)
JonaQuestArt jennifer@jonaquestart.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM06 (2020) proceed
Josie Blue Molloy josiebluemolloy@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14545)
Julia Mckenzie artist mckenzie_julia@yahoo.co.uk Reserve withdraw
Julie Paul Interiors Julie@juliepaulinteriors.com Reserve proceed
Kaaren Buchanan kaarenbuchanan@icloud.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH05 (2020) proceed
KASHKA London info@kashkalondon.co.uk Rejected proceed
Kate Guy Prints kate@kateguy.co.uk Reserve proceed
Kath Dare Jewellery kathdare@rocketmail.com Reserve proceed
Katie Putt hello@katieputt.com Rejected proceed
Kccrystals kcluett@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
KDesigns karenharris1062@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Keep the Faith London info@keepthefaithlondon.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM18 (2020)
No reply (15146)
KeriKit contact@kerikit.com Rejected proceed
Kerstin design info@kerstinhaigh.co.uk Rejected proceed
Kitty Joyas kitty@kittyjoyas.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR21 (2020) proceed
Krausz Jewellery info@krauszjewellery.co.uk Reserve proceed
Lacorine Exquisite Alpaca Designs info.lacorine@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (15091)
Ladies who Lunch Boutique lwljewellery@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH08 (2020) proceed
Lala & Bea katie@lalaandbea.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH28 (2020) proceed
Larzac & Loddon contact@larzac-loddon.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH16 (2020)
No reply (14575)
LASLETT ENGLAND melanie@laslettengland.com Accepted Stall Assigned CG01 (2020) proceed
LEFT of FELT bethbiederman@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM40 (2020) proceed
Light upon Light hajrahayub@gmail.com - Waiting for information proceed
Limited Edition Moquette luci.collings@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Linenshack patriciaallen@live.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR08 (2020) proceed
Linocut Prints & Candles joules@juliebd.com Rejected proceed
LinoPrintDesign and Charlie the Framer jtillin@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM30 (2020) proceed
Little Borne Christine@borne.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM39 (2020)
No reply (14689)
Little Print Gifts victoria@littleprintjewellery.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR13 (2020) proceed
LittleLeaf Organic Cotton hello@littleleaforganic.com Rejected withdraw
LivvyB livvy@livvyb.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM42 (2020) proceed
London International Silver Co nicholas@notjustsilver.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH17 (2020) proceed
Louise Whalley louisewhalley@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Loungers hello@loungersclothing.com Reserve proceed
Lucknow 2 London nida_u@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned SFM12 (2020) proceed
Lucy Bradshaw Jewellery lucybradshaw@lucybradshaw.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH18 (2020) proceed
Lucy Wade lucy@lucywade.com Rejected withdraw
Luke Adam Hawker luke@lukeadamhawker.com Reserve
No reply (15078)
Lydia Wood Drawings lydiawood1393@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Magma London kareem@magmalondon.com Rejected proceed
Majmakes maj.egan21@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Mama Little's Rum Cake mamaslittlerum@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM25 (2020)
No reply (14967)
MAMACHA ALPACA KNITWEAR amy@mamacha.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH24 (2020) proceed
MANUKA DIRECT manukadirect@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM21 (2020) proceed
Mara Sculpture bernard@marasculpture.com Rejected
No reply (15110)
Maria Storey mariastorey@btconnect.com Rejected proceed
Marie-s/Cozi post@marie-s.co.uk Rejected proceed
Marion & You Photography hello@marionandyouphotography.com Rejected proceed
Market Grill marketgrill@yahoo.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM8 (2020)
No reply (14409)
Marketgrill & Grind stephen@themarketgrill.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM7 (2020) proceed
Marrakech Kitchen kadri77a@yahoo.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM1 (2020)
No reply (14325)
ME ENCANTA JEWELLERY meencantauk@yahoo.com Rejected proceed
Meg & Bee office@megandbee.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH15 (2020) proceed
Melanie Porter mel@melanieporter.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH36 (2020) proceed
Melissa LaFave London mjelafave@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Memsahib gitabagai@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Mette Høj Jewellery info@mettehoj.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH01 (2020)
No reply (15092)
Mexican Gems rojano_white@btopenworld.com Rejected
No reply (14677)
Michelle House mail@michellehouse.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM43 (2020) proceed
MiniPrint Vintage nessa@miniprintvintage.com Reserve proceed
Misia Mae info@misiamae.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR18 (2020) withdraw
Miss Molly Boutique Missmollyboutiqueltd@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14211)
MitziRocks mitzi@broadbents.net Reserve
No reply (15062)
Mockingbird Makes bespoke@mockingbirdmakes.co.uk Rejected proceed
momentum style momentum@hotmail.co.uk Rejected proceed
Moody Tom anna.gambel@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Mosaic gifts & accessories tiinou@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Mountain & Molehill elizabeth@mountainandmolehill.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM10 (2020) proceed
Mowbarton Estate wrightejf@hotmail.com Applied after deadline
No reply (15558)
Mr Spence k_nituk@yahoo.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM27 (2020) proceed
my little wish info@mylittlewish.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR16 (2020)
No reply (14477)
My Little Wish melisajensen@mylittlewish.com Duplicate - please ignore proceed
Myara Aromatherapy amyara.purereserves@yahoo.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR15 (2020) proceed
MyHartBeading myhartbeading@gmail.com Rejected withdraw
Mylittlesweethearts juliaromanus@blueyonder.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM28 (2020) proceed
Neal's Yard Dairy ellen.hunter@nealsyarddairy.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM08 (2020) proceed
Nepal Wool Co. Kinara_sen@yahoo.co.uk Rejected proceed
Nicky Blystad Jewellery Nicky@NickyBlystad.com Rejected proceed
Nikki essential wellbeing nikkiwellness@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
nikkitabella baby nikki@nikkitabella.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM47 (2020) proceed
NM Design nancy@nmdesign.org.uk Rejected proceed
NouMoon info@noumoon.com Rejected proceed
Noura London info@nouralondon.com Rejected
No reply (14370)
Noura London info@nouralondon.com Applied after deadline proceed
Nousha Photography zoeh@nousha.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14221)
ODDIE & HOPE info@oddieandhope.com Rejected proceed
Old Blue Pottery lisa@lisahawker.com Reserve proceed
Olea Lignum olealignum@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF04 (2020) proceed
Olivia J Holland oliviajholland@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH26 (2020) withdraw
Orissa Boutique tanyamoyse@hotmail.com Rejected
No reply (14195)
Ossian Cashmere justinekatelee@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (15057)
Others and Lavender othersandlavender@gmail.com Rejected proceed
O’Neill Classics info@oneill-classics.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH09 (2020) proceed
Pagette Jewellery pagette@pagette.co.uk Rejected proceed
Paguro Upcycle info@paguroupcycle.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF03 (2020)
No reply (14779)
Paper Arcade gemmaecopeland@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Paul Guthrie Art art@paulguthrieart.co.uk Rejected withdraw
Peanut and Pudding UK elizabethmatthys@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF08 (2020)
No reply (14875)
Personalised Pillows swsjenny@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM24 (2020) proceed
Philippa London pipchawner@philippalondon.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH07 (2020) proceed
pinkster gin georgia@pinkstergin.com Reserve proceed
PITTCH MERINO WOOL SOCKS elisabeth@pittch.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM02 (2020) withdraw
Pivot alice@makepivot.org Accepted Stall Assigned MH12 (2020) proceed
Place in Print ed@placeinprint.com Rejected proceed
Play Cotton info@playcotton.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH31 (2020)
No reply (14757)
Pleuville Pottery susanlowe@cdep.eu Rejected proceed
Ply Coasters louise.kamara@btinternet.com Reserve withdraw
Pom Pom London harry@pompomlondon.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR14 (2020) proceed
Pondicherry handbags anita@pondicherryhandbags.com Rejected
No reply (14637)
POPMO hello@mollysyrett.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH21 (2020) proceed
Powderhound natashadurlacher@me.com Rejected
No reply (14784)
Prilly Lewis Knitwear hello@prillylewis.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR20 (2020) withdraw
Project Fish Prints anoushkacole@outlook.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM37 (2020)
No reply (14544)
Puremess gemma@puremess.co.uk Applied after deadline
No reply (15554)
QUANACE Quanace@ymail.com Rejected
No reply (15033)
Queen Bee Collective annie@queenbeecollective.uk Reserve proceed
Rare Interior Art info@rareinteriorart.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14452)
Rebecca's Aix Home rebeccasaix@gmail.com Under review proceed
Rebsville hello@rebsville.com Reserve proceed
Red Faces Prints sinead_taylor@yahoo.co.uk Rejected proceed
Roanne Orlebar Designs roanneorlebardesigns@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR12 (2020) proceed
Rococo Chocolates ciana.moulton@rococochocolates.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM16 (2020) proceed
Route 66 renee@route66streetfood.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM9 (2020)
No reply (14987)
Rowena Ardern Design rowenaardern@googlemail.com Reserve proceed
Ruby Red mike@rubyredcosmetics.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CF09 (2020)
No reply (14345)
SA(L)VAGE ART lauors@outlook.com Rejected withdraw
Sam Brown London info@sambeiwnlondin.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM48 (2020)
No reply (14729)
Sandrine Jarnet Ceramics sjarnet@yahoo.co.uk - Waiting for information proceed
Saneymi Handcrafted Accessories info@saneymi.com Rejected withdraw
Savons du Soleil savonsdusoleil@yahoo.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14485)
Second Nature Soaps info@secondnaturesoaps.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR11 (2020) proceed
SevenSeventeen Limited info@seven-seventeen.co.uk Rejected proceed
Shark Alley sarah@sharkalley.co.uk Rejected withdraw
Silver and Silk sfinlayson77@icloud.com Reserve proceed
Silverpetals avnipatel67@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Simply Gifts catherine@shortnote.com Rejected withdraw
Small Beer Brew Co jt@smallbeer.co Applied after deadline
No reply (15548)
Small Stories joanna@smallstories.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned BDR19 (2020) proceed
Smash Porcelaine ruthlevy25@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Smash Porcelaine info@smashporcelaine.com Rejected
No reply (14794)
Smilelystuff hannah.a@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
Snow Finel Ski Wear ask@snowfinel.co.uk Reserve proceed
SnugToes simi@snugtoes.com Rejected proceed
So Souk contact@sosouk.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM34 (2020)
No reply (15067)
Sold. soldmail@me.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM05 (2020) proceed
Sophie Home Ltd sophie@sophiehome.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM36 (2020) proceed
Sorbet Limited amandah@sorbetltd.co.uk Rejected proceed
SOS Activewear hello@sosactivewear.com Rejected withdraw
South London Letterpress kjsilcock@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM17 (2020) proceed
Spirit Away Travel nicola@spiritawaytravel.co.uk Rejected proceed
SPORTS CHANNEL SHOP info@sportschannelshop.com Rejected withdraw
Spritzblue spritzblue@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR05 (2020) proceed
Squerryes james@squerryes.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM07 (2020) proceed
SSolo London clairehaughey@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF06 (2020) proceed
SSOLO London claire@ssololondon.co.uk Rejected proceed
Stella Coles Designs andyandstella@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Sue Pozzoni Designs suepozzoni@btinternet.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH35 (2020)
No reply (15041)
Sundeis Cakes and confectionary info@sundeis.co.uk Reserve proceed
SusieJay susiejay55@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM41 (2020) proceed
Sweet Carolina hello@sweetcarolina.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM32 (2020)
No reply (14744)
Sweet delite annemariegrant2503@gmail.com Rejected
No reply (14649)
Sweet Eugenie eugenieb@btinternet.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM49 (2020)
No reply (15018)
SWEET WILLIAM LTD emma@sweetwilliamdesigns.com Accepted Stall Assigned CG02 (2020) withdraw
Terri Leahy Designs Terri_leahy@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH25 (2020) proceed
test james-test@doctor-it.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned _temp (2020) proceed
The 12 Days of Christmas info@the12daysofchristmas.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM22 (2020) proceed
The Bubble Writer lindascottstudio@aol.com Reserve
No reply (14553)
The Bubble Writer lindascottstudio@aol.com Rejected
No reply (14929)
The Edit Boutique contact@theeditclothing.com Rejected proceed
The Finishing Touch Limited sue@thefinishingtouchlimited.co.uk Rejected
No reply (14427)
The Infusionist beatrice@theinfusionist.co.uk Rejected proceed
The Italian knitwear Company theitalianwardrobe@talk21.com Rejected proceed
The little coffee van thelittlecoffeevan@hotmail.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned SFM4 (2020) proceed
The Mews Furnishings annabel@themewsfurnishings.com Rejected proceed
The Spitalfields Candle Co. philippabaker@me.com Rejected proceed
The SpottyDog Company ailsachambers@btinternet.com Rejected proceed
The Tartelettes.co.uk info@thetartelettes.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM01 (2020) proceed
The Tie Studio tiestudio@hotmail.com Rejected proceed
Three Grey Ltd threegrey@gmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM14 (2020)
No reply (14594)
Tiebandz karen@tiebandz.com Reserve proceed
Tooka sophie@tooka.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CF05 (2020) proceed
Touch London ashley@touch-london.co.uk Reserve proceed
Travelling Bazaar heather@travellingbazaarevents.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF07 (2020) proceed
Tropic Skincare vanessatimms@googlemail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CF01 (2020) proceed
True Linen laima@truelinen.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM55 (2020)
No reply (14192)
Turtle & Teal sarahkingsley.london@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Upper School Charity Committee WilliamsKL@dulwich.org.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CF11 (2020)
No reply (14736)
Urban Hound nicolalee123@aol.com Rejected proceed
Veruschka Baudo Portraits info@veruschkabaudoportraits.com Rejected withdraw
Viridis Organics viridisorganics@aol.co.uk Rejected proceed
Vishana ltd vsmyth@btconnect.com Rejected proceed
VStyle vivianab@rocketmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned MH23 (2020) proceed
Weighhouse mrchalk@mrchalk.com Applied after deadline
No reply (15518)
Wendy Warren Jewellery and Accessories wendy@wendywarrenjewellery.co.uk Rejected proceed
Whitfords hello@whitfords.co.uk Rejected proceed
Wild Spirits of Kent info@wildspiritsofkent.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned CSM03 (2020) proceed
Will & Gray joycevwilliams3@gmail.com Rejected proceed
Woodsmithworks woodsmithworks@icloud.com Rejected proceed
Wool & You / Wool & Woof sairmorgan@hotmail.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM46 (2020) proceed
Wrap Up In Style info@wrapupinstyle.com Accepted Stall Assigned CSM31 (2020) proceed
XECO alexa@xecowines.com Accepted Stall Assigned BDR02 (2020) proceed
Yoga Souk angela@capelthompson.co.uk Accepted Stall Assigned MH02 (2020) proceed
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