General instructions to SignUp organisers

The following process is not exhaustive but outlines the overall responsibilities of the Organiser.


To provide structure and methodology to assist the Volunteers signed up to this activity to carry out their duties.


This applies to all Volunteers within the Volunteer Group


  • To create a SignUp for the number of Volunteers required.
  • Allocate appropriate time slots to fit the needs of the activity.
  • Arrange for appropriate communications to be issued to inform Volunteers of this group and its specific activity and the duties.
  • Monitor SignUp to help ensure slots are filled.
  • Issue reminders via follow up communications to publicise and promote SignUp to increase Volunteer numbers
  • Provide appropriate information to assist the Volunteers to carry out their duties
  • To monitor leading up to the event any change in Volunteer numbers and initiative Contingency Volunteer Team (CVT) to fill gaps.
  • Organiser to liaise with College team and Christmas Fair Team to arrange for appropriate furniture to be available and set up as required prior to the event.
  • On the day of the event for which Volunteers have offered their help, provide support and guidance as required for the duration of the event.
  • Organiser to provide contact details including mobile phone number.