2016 Room Monitor Volunteer Instructions


No car parking on school premises. Please park nearby, use public transport, walk, or cycle.


  • 7.30 – 10.30am – main gate on Dulwich Common (the South Circular).
  • After 10.30am – College Road, Alleyn Park and Junior School entrances.
  • From 10.30am – entrance fees will be charged for all adults @£3.

High-visibility jacket

All volunteers should wear a high-visibility jacket. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your slot and go directly to the area where you’re working for a brief handover.

Coat/bag storage

There is no safe storage for valuables. Please keep your belongings with you.

Arrival time

Except for the 8-10am set up slot, please arrive 5-10 minutes early in the area where you’re working for a brief handover.

Any queries / concerns contact Helen Humphreys 07710 104 647

8 – 10am Volunteers (setting-up)

  • Arrive at 7.45am for a briefing in the Staff Common Room. Stallholders arrive from 8am onwards.
  • Key responsibilities: to ensure that each stallholder only takes up the space they’ve paid for. Stallholders must not be allowed to change their stall locations, even if another stallholder has yet to arrive. There will be two floorplans per room, showing layout, stall sizes, and assigned power points. The only stallholders allowed power are those marked on the plans. Stallholders must not share power or use more than is allowed. All electrical equipment must have PAT test certificates or will be removed for the duration of the Fair.

10am – 4pm Volunteers

Collect your high vis jacket and the information pack from the volunteers before you.

Lower Hall

Double doors at the back (facing College Road) are to be left open or ajar as a main entrance door into the Fair.

South Cloister

All doors are to be left unlocked or ajar to encourage visitors to enter.

Christison Hall – BoyZone

Helen Humphreys 07710104647 will be overseeing this area.

Raffle Desk / Santa Hat Redemption Desk

  • The FDC Treasurer Brad Hitch will provide a float and cashbox.
  • Brad Hitch or Shiten Patel will identify themselves through the agreed pass-phrase and will collect money at regular intervals.
  • Bags for Life will be sold @ £2 each, at the main Entrance Gate, Friends Drinks Tent, the Raffle Desks and Santa Hat Desks.

Fair timings

The Fair opens at 10.30am to the DC community and to the public at 11.30am. It ends at 4pm.

Concert Timings

Two Concerts will be put on by the Music Department in the Great Hall at 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

General queries

If you have any queries you are not able to answer either direct the individual to another Room Monitor in the North Cloister, Lower Hall, South Cloister or Christmas Shopping Marquee or contact Helen Humphreys 07710104647 or Pauline Gruffat 07722 457326

First Aid

St John’s Ambulance will be located in a room off the Staff Common Room corridor near the Inside Seating Area.

Disabled access

A map showing disabled access and level access entrances is provided with this information pack. There is level access into the Lower Hall and the Cloisters, but disabled visitors wanting to go between the two will need to be escorted out of the back of the Cloisters and into the back of the Lower Hall and vice versa. There is a lift up to the Great Hall at the bottom of the stairs closest to the South Cloister.


A map showing all WCs is provided with this information pack. There are WCs in the North Cloister, the South Cloister, down the stairs on either side of the Wodehouse Library, in the Lord George playground and in the Christison Hall (both downstairs and up).

Buggies & Buggy Parks

  • Un-manned Buggy Parks – in the Butt Arch at the Staff Common Room / Inside Seating Area and in one of the classrooms in the Shackleton Building.
  • Buggies are allowed in the North Cloister, Lower Hall, and South Cloister but NOT the Great Hall & Boardroom as this is a Health and Safety risk.
  • There is no designated area for males to change their baby’s nappy. If necessary, the lost child room can be used, but please remind them that they must dispose of any waste in one of the toilets.


There are no ATMs on site, the nearest is a short walk away on Croxted Road opposite Tesco Express.

Lost Child Procedure

Parents reporting a lost child

  • Report to the Raffle Desk team in the Lower Hall.

Found Children

  • If a child is found/lost, take the child to the ‘safe’ area room next to St Johns off the Staff Common Room corridor and ask another team member to inform the Raffle Desk team in the Lower Hall.
  • A Raffle Desk team member and a Room Monitor will go to the ‘safe’ area, take any details, and let security know if the parent/guardian has not been found within 5 mins of the child arriving at ‘safe’ area. The Room Monitor will stay with the child.
  • If the child is a baby or toddler, the finder should stay with them for a few minutes where they have been found (with a message sent to the Raffle Desk, who will inform security) since it is likely that the parent/guardian will be in the immediate vicinity.

Re-uniting parents/guardians with children

  • The parent or guardian must go to the Raffle Desk in the Lower Hall and must sign a release form before being reunited and allowed to leave with the child. A photograph of parent and child before the release would be a good additional thing to have.

Fire Procedure

In the event of fire alarm activation or a real emergency situation, Facilities Manager, Derrick Copeland, and his team will take control.

  • Either an alarm or a bell (Shopping Marquee) will sound and the buildings will be evacuated.
  • NO ONE is to re-enter the building until they are told to do so by a member of the College Facilities team.
  • The Rugby posts on the main playing fields will be the nominated ‘lost person’ point where public can be directed to in case of someone being missing.
  • Disabled members of the public should be directed to the temporary ‘refuge’ area at the top of the main staircase.
  • Site Officers should be informed and they will attend if safe to do so.